Is The Earth Making Us Sick?

It seems like people are getting sicker and sicker these days, especially in the United States, which doesn’t really make much sense, considering we are a developed nation and should have one of the best “healthcare” systems on the planet. I put “healthcare” in quotes, because I don’t really believe our system is focused on caring for people’s health. “Sickcare” is more like it. Doctors push pills on people like candy, and all they do is mask symptoms of disease without addressing the root cause. Addressing the root cause is what will, in fact, improve our health, but that would ultimately put doctors out of business, wouldn’t it?

In the words of an old wise friend, “follow the money…”

So the question is, what’s causing all this sickness? Is it the earth? Is it our polluted environments? Is it our tainted food and water sources? Is it the poor air quality caused by loads of heavy metals being dropped from the sky every week in the form of toxic chemtrails? (Yes, my friends, they are very real.)

We believe it’s a combination of these things. And that it’s these factors that are not just a detriment to our own personal health, but the health of our planet as well.

First cause of sickness: tainted food.

It’s no secret that our food sources have been tainted by years of overarming, pollution, genetic manipulation and the use of pesticides and herbicides on our soils. You’d have to eat a lot more apples today to get the nutritional value contains in a single apple 40 years ago. Our soil is depleted of essential nutrients and foods are harvested before they are ripe and sprayed with gases to fabricate the appearance of ripeness.

When we shop for foods, we’re told that organic and non-GMO foods are best. While that’s true, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that we even have these labels in the first place? Remember when organic food was just called “food”? If you don’t, I bet your mom or grandmother does.

Second cause of sickness: fluoridated water.

If you’re not using an advanced water filter that takes out fluoride, then go get one. Like, yesterday. Water is naturally fluoridated with a small amount, because, well, we like to think the creator of the universe knew what he was doing and made it that way. But then everyone decided that we need to have pretty teeth so they added more. Never mind that we probably won’t be smiling in our graves anyway, especially if excessive fluoride is the cause of death. And that’s more likely than most people would probably care to admit.

Third cause of sickness: toxic air.

Have you looked up at the sky lately? Notice the streams of white vapor crisscrossed from horizon to horizon? No, those aren’t contrails. Contrails evaporate very quickly. Chemtrails, on the other hand, will stretch out and linger for hours or even days. And when it rains? You guessed it. The aluminum and barium-filled heavy-metal concoction falls right to the ground. No wonder our soils and food sources are depleted. And no wonder respiratory problems are on the rise.

So, is the earth making us sick? This question is kind of like the “do these jeans make my ass look fat?” question. We are making us sick. Let’s not blame it on the earth that we’ve polluted with our toxic lifestyles. The good news is, there is hope. We can change. We just need enough people to become aware of the problem first so we can address it at the root cause. So please, if you’re reading this now, share it with everyone you know and let’s spread the word!