Beware of Greenwashing

Greenwashing is basically misleadingly marketing a product as being eco-friendly when it’s not. This is a serious problem that has taken over many companies and products. Businesses have caught on to the notion that consumers want to purchase eco-friendly products. But, many businesses aren’t willing to give up their low production costs and high pay offs to make a more substantive product. Instead, they fool consumers using the following marketing tactics:

1.) Unsubstantiated Claims

This is tactic is easy to use and very common. Often, companies will market their products as being made with organic products or giving back to the environment in some way. This is common among paper products. Typically, paper products claim they are made with mostly recycled content. Yet when asked for proof, the company can’t provide any reliable information.

2.) Green Tricks

This is another common tactic. Typically, companies will use materials or practices that are slightly less harmful than the ones they used before. This allows them to market their products as green and eco-friendly. But in reality, they are only a little bit better than before. For example, many sandwich bag companies have marketed their use of less plastic than before. While that is a great step, they shouldn’t be able to market their product as green if it still uses majority of an environmentally harmful material.

3.) Tradeoffs

This the hardest, yet most environmentally, tactic to identify. Basically, a company trades environmental welfare to call their product green. For example, something might be marketed as being green and free of any potential toxins it usually would be, but there’s a strong possibility that it came from a previously untouched forest.

4.) Irrelevancy

If a product claims to be free of something, you should always research the laws and regulations of whatever that ‘something’ is. For example, let’s say you purchase a product that claimed to be “CFC-free”. You might have noticed that other products don’t market being CFC-free, so you pick the product that markets this. In reality, laws have banned CFCs since the late 1990s. Thus, companies are marketing something irrelevant in attempt to persuade you to purchase their product over other products.

5.) Misleading Labels

Out of all the tactics, this is the most common. Companies regularly use shades of green on their labels, as well as depict scenes of nature and naturalistic elements in an attempt to catch your eye and mislead you to believing their product is green. Also, companies use certain words, such as bio, eco, and green, to deceive you. Instead of purchasing a product just because it “looks environmentally friendly”, read the ingredients and do your research!

Every Day Should Be Earth Day

Roosevelt quote

I know that earth day is every year on April 22nd. While it is a good thing, earth day should be every day. It should be in everyone’s best interest to want to protect the planet. Most people don’t want to hear about this, but keeping the earth clean is everyone’s job. There are many things you can do to be a part of preserving the earth so that it lasts a very long time.

Recycle and Reuse

Whether you are eating at home or dining out, recycle everything that you can. If you are out and about, and you can’t find any containers for your recyclable items, you should take them home and put them in your recycle bins. I was so thankful when I stopped using plastic bags and began using biodegradable plastic bags. Not only are they sturdier, but they can be used over and over again for many reasons, such as doogie poop bags and wrapping items when you are packing them for a move or putting them in storage.

A much better alternative even still is a reusable bag. In recent times, I have gotten so many free that I keep one with me in my car at all times. It not only helps to save stores from having to give me a bag each time, but it helps to keep a plastic bag overflow out of my home.

Get Up

I know this is a foreign concept in today’s society, like when a phone was attached to the wall or sat on an end table, and people talked at home. Or, when music was on a thing called an album or 8-track/cassette tape. There were times when people actually walked to where they needed to be. I, for the life of me, don’t understand why folks will drive to a post office to mail a letter when the post office is just a block or two away. Walking to save gas and keep the air free of fumes doesn’t only protect the earth; it is also good exercise.