The Bees are Dying Off? Practical Things You Can Do to Save Them

bees dying
You’ve most likely heard that bees are endangered. You might be inclined to initially react enthusiastically. After all, bees are just pesky bugs that sting you and only good for producing honey, right? Wrong. Bees are actually extremely important to pollinating most of the world’s produce. That being said, it’s extremely important that we protect the bees. Here are just a few ways you can help save bees from extinction.

  1. Avoid Pesticides

Pesticides are one of the leading causes of developmental issues and death among bees. Whether you use synthetic, insecticidal, or herbicidal pesticides, it poses a huge threat to bees and other critical insects in your area. If you feel like you absolutely have to use pesticides, try using only a minimum amount.

  1. Single vs. Multi-Petal Plants

Bees like simplicity and easy access. That’s why bees are more inclined to utilize single petal plants than multi-petal plants. With single petal plants, like bush sunflowers, bees can easily access the necessary nectar and pollen. So the next time you go shopping for new plants for your garden, be mindful of the benefits of planting single petal plants over multi-petal plants.

  1. Give Them Materials

Bees tend to live either underground or in wooden nests made of materials they find around their area. In these nests, bees create honey as well as live and prosper. So, consider giving bees the necessary materials to build their homes. You can easily do this by clearing a small area of your backyard for bees who live underground, as well as placing small twigs and other stem-based materials in a separate area for bees who want to build a nest.

  1. Water

Water is another useful material for bees. While some bees actually drink water to energize themselves, water is also used as a source to create mud for their homes. Even putting a small water source in your backyard is helpful for the bees in your area.