4 Good Reasons to Drink Filtered Water

drinking water

Ahhh filtered water. That feeling you get on a hot day when it quenches your seemingly unquenchable thirst. Cold. Refreshing. It’s a beautiful thing.

When we say you should drink filtered water, we aren’t necessarily talking about the fancy stuff from Fiji in plastic bottles. Or the even more bougie glass-bottled Voss. When we say filtered water, we mean filtered out of the tap. This can be accomplished using an under sink filter (such as a reverse osmosis water filter), a countertop filter (like a Berkey), or even a simple Brita pitcher that you keep in your fridge.

Here at Planet Restart, we’re big advocates of filtered water, and we wanted to use this post as an opportunity to encourage our readers to drink more of it. Here are 4 good reasons to choose filtered over tap or bottled water.

Reason #1: It tastes better.

Tap water contains chlorine, which is used to kill harmful microbes that exist in unfiltered water. The problem with chlorine (and its derivatives) is that it adds a very unpleasant taste. If you’ve ever been to a restaurant and asked for ice water, chances are, you received tap (unless it’s a restaurant that has filtered.) If you drink filtered water at home, the difference in the taste becomes even more noticeable when you drink tap water while out of the house. It’s not very good, which makes it even less likely to quench your thirst. You’ll also probably drink less of it, which leaves its hydrating effects to be desired.

Reason #2: It’s healthier.

Not only does chlorine not taste very good. It’s toxic in large amounts. While most tap water contains negligible amounts, the compounded effect of tiny amounts over a long period of time is no bueno. Tap water may also contain additional toxic contaminants and carcinogens, like lead, sulphur, or fluoride, all of which wreak havoc on your body and health.

Reason #3: It’s better for the environment.

Compared to bottled water, filtered water is a much greener option. Many water filter manufacturers also offer recycling programs, so that you can recycle the plastic that filters are made of. When you take advantage of those, you’re contributing to the health of our environment and keeping plastic bottles out of our landfills. Good for you!

Reason #4: It’s less expensive than bottled.

Using a filter to remove contaminants from your water is a win-win, both for the environment, and for your wallet! The cost of bottled water adds up to an enormous amount over time. (It also takes up valuable space in your refrigerator and pantry, and if you’re a foodie like me, that’s no good.) If you have the budget to invest in a good filter, you’ll save your health, you’ll save your bank account, and you’ll save the planet.

Do you prefer tap, bottled, or filtered water? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!